Helping Homebuyers sell unwanted furniture

Helping Homebuyers sell unwanted furniture

Consignment shops helping home buyers sell furnished condos and homes


Interestingly there has been a change in the Real Estate market here in South Florida. Homes and Condominiums are being sold fully furnished. While some people may think this is a bit odd…give it some thought. Many people are still downsizing or selling second homes. What is a seller to do with all this extra furniture?
Rather than deal with auctions or on-line sales many seller’s have chosen just to sell their property with it’s furnishings included. If you think about it, it is a great way for a buyer to not have to deal with furnishing a new home immediately upon taking possession especially if they are buying their first vacation or part-time home.

The only issue for the buyer is….what if it is great furniture but not your style? That is where consignment comes in. Many buyers of furnished property are looking for a way to quickly remove the home decor from their new residence and also receive a fair price for it. This not only includes the furniture but the rugs, lighting, mirrors, paintings and other items. For a fee, a consignment store can take in this furniture and deal with the hassle of the marketing and sales so that the new owner can focus on other important issues (remodeling, moving their preferred furnishings in or just having a clean slate to start redecorating).

And for the seller….What if the buyer does not want your furnishings? Once again, consignment is the answer. The same rules apply. Consignment offers a quick way to empty the furnishings of the sold property and not have to deal with the timing of selling the individual items. Keep in mind that most consignment stores cannot accept a large amount of furniture without a decent amount of lead time. As soon as you know that consignment is in your cards start making arrangements. Call around. Be prepared to present photos of the items you are looking to consign. Most consignment stores will give you a quick yes or no to your items by looking at pictures. The rest is just a matter of timing so the more lead time you have the better.